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It’s the simple things…

 Oh my….it’s been a busy few weeks since school began. Being a teacher can be all consuming, much like other jobs I’m sure. What I’ve always known and yet somehow forget in the midst of life’s demands is that simplicity and the ability to maintain focus on what really matters makes such a difference. Regardless of whether I’m at work, home, or wherever/whatever I’m doing, if I prioritize simplicity and focus on what really matters, everything goes so much smoother.  Part of today’s simplifying was deciding to rest instead of going on a hike with my family. It was tempting to join them, to spend some time together. I thought about how the birds have begun migrating and knew it would be a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of some rare birds. Just yesterday, I saw what I believe was a warbler at my backyard birdbath—a rare occurrence, as they seem to prefer to stay high up in the treetops. Even with all that, I felt the pull to stay home and just be—to rest. I filled the bird feeders,

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